Is Google Adwords Lying to You?

It’s true — Google is NOT telling you the whole story when you go to the AdWords Keyword Tool to research the keywords you want to try and rank for.

Revealed:  exactly what’s going on, and why you need to change your keyword research tactics, in the video here:

Three fantastic testimonials!

I’ve let a few people try out Keyword Snatcher to work out any bugs
and get their feedback, etc.  Check out these comments I’ve gotten!


Out Performed the Competitor

I ran several keywords through the Keyword Snatcher and a similar
software currently on the market.  Keyword Snatcher pulled almost
double the number of keyword phrases as the competitor.  These
were not junk keywords but useful phrases I can use to build and
expand my content. It’s fast too.

Thanks for continuing to build valuable tools for us “non-techy”
internet marketers.

Justin Connor


I just pulled a list of 5000+ keywords for one of my niche sites.
AMAZING! I imported the list into another program I have and sorted
them into related lists to use as categories on my site. I now have
PLENTY of keywords to write articles on for each category including
lots of LSI phrases.

Awesome tool.

Pat Davis

Check the information video here

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