Panda Update-Claiming Collateral Damage

Whereas it is easy to see how Google can conclude a sights content has been copied from elsewhere in its Panda updateit is hard to see how it can judge whether content is useful when the algorithm only sees words and cannot be expected to make sense of sentences.

However as well as hitting the intended internet spammers the massive update also hit a lot of innocent bystanders who have quality websites.

So what can you do if you feel you were innocently caught out in the spam fight crossfire? Well searchengineland confirm that it is not worth appealing to public opinion because Google has categorically stated this is an algorithmic change and not manual review. There is no white list or blacklist of favoured sites like in the case of Blekko so there is no need of feeling personally aggrieved.

Google admits mistakes can be made with any such change since no algorithm can produce 100% perfect results.However Google is keen to learn of any casulties in a quest to perfect the algorithm so so it has put a thread in their forum for those who feel they were unfairly affected. So if you – think you’re affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

Google’s Panda update Winners and Losers

The aim of the Google Panda update was to block sites that duplicate content or scrape from other sights and secondly to downgrade sights that publish content without much value.

Sistrix crunched through a million search queries and compared them to before the update and came up with the following list of top losers.

Sistrix panda list

A bigger list of affect sights is available at the following Google spreadsheet.

One of the major surprises for me was which is a favourite publishing platform for many SEO activists and has very strict human edited guidelines. founder, Chris Knight, promises a major cleanup and making some drastic changes in his blog including removing low quality articles, incresaing rejection rate on some categories, increasing minimum word count to 400 and possible future universal nofollow tags.

Unique article wizard and its sister company uber articles claim they are one of the gainers with reported high increase in traffic.

uber articles increase panda update was not only left unscathed but also experienced a traffic increase much to the surprise of many who claimed Google has effectively killed ehow’s competitors.