Best footprint tool – and it’s free!

I find myself looking up footprints almost everyday and having to remember which spreadsheet, bookmark or word document to look in. So it was a delight to stumble upon chase the footprint –


At first it looks like a very simple tool and hardly worth a mention but when you dig deeper you find it’s treasures.

There are common top level  categories like guest blogging, directories, forums and blog commenting. But each contains sub-category of all the footprint terms you could ever imagine. You still have to use some imagination like sometimes putting keywords in quotes and negative phrases to pinpoint prospects.

When you hit return you are immediately taken to google search with the foot print filled in. After that it is a question of sifting through to find good prospects.

How to get sales territory data in GA

GA provides very useful GEO data in its demographic reports category. You can find traffic behaviour and conversion reports for continent, country and city based on ip addresses. However, what if you want to produce data for specific sales target territories like:

  • North East England
  • North West England
  • Yorkshire and the Humber England
  • East Midlands England
  • West Midlands England
  • East of England
  • South East England
  • London
  • South West England
  • Scotland
  • Wales

The process I used is a long one but involves:

  1. Download data of top 500 city visits for a period up to six months
  2. Make a comprehensive list of the cities and their respective categories – a good use of juniors or interns.
  3. Create a custom report for each sales territory using explorer type
  4. Decide the metrics, dimensions and drill downs you want in the report as the field and
  5. Choose filter and enter the towns as regex (regular expression) with pipe symbol (|) to signify “or”

Now when you run the report only designated towns for the region will show and be counted. Phew!