Manual spam action revoked

Webmaster Tools- Manual spam action revokedFurther to our Webmaster Tools unnatural outbound links manual action Reconsideration request last week, we have received another email from webspam team to say the manual spam action is revoked. This was not for one but three sites and non had ever accepted payment to publish content. One was heavily reliant on content from a guest blogging network that has reportedly been subject of Google network clampdown and the other two had one or two articles in the past. However, the sites were and still are listed in the blogging networks directory list as seeking content from guest writers.

On a positive note I have been approached by guest bloggers to publish content this week and they have agreed to do so despite there now being nofollow external links on the site. It is a shame the blogging network was subject to the action as it was a great meeting point for writers and publishers and I have personally enjoyed the relationships built.

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Unnatural outbound links

Unatural Outbound links noticeLast week we got a webmaster email telling us that Google thinks we have been selling links on three our blog posts. This was a surprise as we had not participated in any link selling activity on these blogs but had participated in accepting blog posts from We also noticed our page rank has disappeared back in December PR update.

Actions to remove links

We could not go through three years of blog posts to remove links that we suspected were in contravention of Google guidelines nor could we nofollow each one individually. Since the blogs were in wordpress our result was to use a plugin to unfollow all external links.

WMT reconsideration request

Following the implementation of the unfollow plugin we replied to Google through webmaster forum to say what we did to address their concerns via reconsideration request. We now wait to
hopefully get a positive feedback from big G.

Update: We see from this post on search engine land has recently been hit under the Google blog network clampdown. This is a surprise since we were given to understand that guest blogging activity was an accepted practice.