Taxi quote & booking system Plugin

We built a taxi quote and booking WordPress plugin after searching online unsuccessfully for an off the shelf solution.

Plugin front-end

The plugin has the following features for the potential customer:

  • Obtain a fare quote by entering address or postcode of pickup and drop-of point.
  • Book single or return journey
  • Enter full address of from and to journey details
  • Select type of car from saloon, estate, executive, MPV and 8-seater.
  • Pay online by PayPal or select to pay the driver on the day.
  • The system sends booking details by email to both customer and administrator and SMS text alert s to admin.


Plugin back-end

The backend admin section allows you to control the display map by longitude and latitude.

  • Change size of map and zoomming level
  • Choose journey rates for different car typesChoose currency
  • Configure terms and conditions to be displayed
  • Configure SMS alert through Textmarketer service
  • Configure PayPal email address

Plugin Payment and Download

Please click this download button to visit the plugin sales page for more information and payment details –


Any questions? Email: ericmfilter-taxi[at]


How Google Ranks a page without links?

Google’s webmaster tool video dealt with this question in a recent video.

When Google encounters a page without links it judges it by the content and the keywords it finds. The first instance of the keyword indicates the subject matter then several repetitions confirms that page is about that subject matter. However, there comes a point where the repetition is judged as keyword stuffing and a negative effect occurs. If the page is about a very niche topic or phrase then it has the potential to rank better for that non-competitive keyword than a highly searched phrase.