Download SEO factors via SEO tools for excel

This week had had the need to use seo tools for excel and gained a new appreciation for the free resource.

Basically I want to download a sites page titles, H1 headers into excel in order to perform further analysis. First I needed to download a URL list of all the pages of the site. To achieve this I used scrapebox which has a wonderful feature that scrapes all major search engines. In scrapebox this is what I did:

1)      Use the command

2)      Choose to scrape all the search engines Google, Bing and AOL

3)      Harvest the URLS then remove duplicate URL’s to get a clean list

This gave a clean list of URL’s that I simply pasted into a spreadsheet and run the titles command in excel tools for SEO. I got a result like this:

Title H1 H2
Special Footwear & Orthotics | Bespoke Shoes | Orthotics Central London – Free consultation Beautifully HAND crafted specialist Footwear & Orthotics in Central London
Accident Assessment Claims – Anthony Andrews Master Shoemaker Accident Assessment Claims Related Items
Adaptions, Build-ups and Raises by Special Footwear & Orthotics, Central London W1 Adaptations, Build-ups and Raises related items
Uncategorized Archives – Anthony Andrews Master Shoemaker


Complete list of seo tools for excel here but below are the main ones I found useful:

=GooglePageRank([URL]) – To get the Google PageRank by URL

=GoogleIndexCount([URL]) – To get  an approximation of the number of pages indexed by Google by domain (the equivalent to “”)

=WhoIs(string domain) – To get  WhoIs for a domain

=IsDomainRegistered([DOMAIN]) – Returns “true” if a domain is registered. WhoIs servers are configured in SeoTools.config.xml

=FacebookLikes([URL]) – To get  the number of total Facebook Likes of an url (same count as in a badge)

=AlexaReach([URL]) – To get  Alexa Traffic Reach Rank

=ResolveIp([URL]) – Resolves the IP address of the domain in an URL

=HttpStatus([URL]) – To get  the HTTP status code and its description. Also retrieves the Location header (useful for debugging redirects)

=ResponseTime([URL]) – Returns the number of milliseconds it takes for an url to load (cached)

=LinkCount([URL]) – Shows the number of links on a page (cached)

=HtmlTitle([URL]) – Shows the HTML title on a page (cached)

=HtmlMetaDescription([URL]) – Shows the HTML meta description on a page (cached)

=HtmlH1([URL]) – Shows the first HTML H1 element on a page (cached)

=HtmlH2([URL]) – Shows the first HTML H2 element on a page (cached)

=HtmlH3([URL]) – Shows the first HTML H3 element on a page (cached)

=XPathOnUrl([URL]; [XPATH]) – Gets the url and returns the result from xpath

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Indexed Page Checker

It is common knowledge that to get your pages in SERPS they need to be indexed. But how do you go about finding out which pages are indexed or not?

An indexed page checker lets you know which pages are not indexed so that you can make amends and concentrate on those pages as strategy to promote your website.

There are several seo tools for checking page indexing but below is a nifty little free tool that does the job of checking one individual url at a time.

Indexed pages Tool © SEO Chat™

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Report Problem with Tool.

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