Advanced Anchor Text Spinning

If you are spinning text using SEO tools like The Best Spinner and SEnuke then you will want to spin your anchors texts accordingly. Below is a format that will achieve correct spun text weighting for your articles and forum profile posts.
The idea is basically using the service that support spinner syntax to spin your anchor text with your different variations. This is basically what’s called “weighted spinning”.

This is one of the best SEO tips for spun article or profile submission. The idea means breaking the number 10 down into those 50%, 25%, 15% and 10% for first, second, third keywords. So obviously 50% would be 5, 25% would be 2.5 (round up to 3),  15% would be 1.5 (round up to 2) and 10% would be 1.

So the correctly weighted anchor text in spinner syntax format would something like this:

{anchor text 1|anchor text 1|anchor text 1|anchor text 1|anchor text 1|anchor text 2|anchor text 2|anchor text 2|anchor text 3|anchor text 3|miscellaneous anchor text}

What this does is effectively automate varying your anchor text across all your submissions, in nearly the exact proportion that we want for optimal anchor text variation.

By using this method each time the article is submitted and published, it randomly chooses the anchor text. And since we have our spun anchor text weighted, obviously anchor text 1 is more likely to be chosen than anchor text 3, and anchor text 2 more than your single miscellaneous keyword.

The only problem with this tip is that not all resources support spinning and with the article submitters (with the exception of SEnuke) you won’t be able to spin your content. So you might have to do a bit of manual tracking if you want to get this just right!

Varying Anchor Text

Varying Anchor Texts

One of the most important aspects of building links effectively is rotating and varying your anchor text.

This is because it looks unnatural to Google if you have 500 incoming links to your site all with the same exact same anchor text.

So your goal is to look like these sites are naturally linking to you around a specific topic. Because no way in the natural order of events would 500 sites link to you with all the exact same anchor text.

You should simulate this natural process during internet marketing in an automated way by determining your first, second, and third most important keywords that you want to rank for.

For the primary keyword research 2 close variations. For example if you wanted to rank for the term “dog training” – 2 variations of your primary keyword might be “dog obedience training” and “train dogs” (this is assuming any of these variations aren’t your already defined 2nd & 3rd most important keywords you want to rank for).

For your second most important keyword, create 3 variations but loosen them up just a little bit.

For example so if your secondary keyword is “dog training ebook” – then you’re variations might be “dog training courses”, “train dogs ebook”, “dog obedience ebooks”.

Now do the same as the second with the third, but broaden the keywords even more when you choose your variations.

Your fourth set of anchor text is a collection of miscellaneous keywords such as:

    * Your actual URL as the anchor text
    * Words like “click here”, “visit the website”, “read this site”, and some other miscellaneous lower competition keywords that you’ve researched and could possibly want to rank for.

Optimally your linking profile should look like this in terms of the proportion of each anchor text linking back to your site:

    * 1st most important keyword set – 50%,
    * 2nd most important keyword set – 25%,
    * 3rd most important keyword set – 15%,
    * Miscellaneous keyword set – 10%

That simply means that 50% of your backlinks should use anchor text from your first group, 25% from your second group, 15% of your backlinks with anchor text from your third group, and 10% from your miscellaneous keywords.

If you promote your website with this method and replace anchor texts often then you will open multiple gateways for online traffic to find you and have a very interesting analytics keywords report to guide you each month.

Some sort of a spreadsheet where you list all your activities, including each submission, to where, what site or page are you linking back to, and what anchor text you used. Also if you use spun content then you can automate the system with advanced anchor text spinning method.

Is Google Adwords Lying to You?

It’s true — Google is NOT telling you the whole story when you go to the AdWords Keyword Tool to research the keywords you want to try and rank for.

Revealed:  exactly what’s going on, and why you need to change your keyword research tactics, in the video here:

Three fantastic testimonials!

I’ve let a few people try out Keyword Snatcher to work out any bugs
and get their feedback, etc.  Check out these comments I’ve gotten!


Out Performed the Competitor

I ran several keywords through the Keyword Snatcher and a similar
software currently on the market.  Keyword Snatcher pulled almost
double the number of keyword phrases as the competitor.  These
were not junk keywords but useful phrases I can use to build and
expand my content. It’s fast too.

Thanks for continuing to build valuable tools for us “non-techy”
internet marketers.

Justin Connor


I just pulled a list of 5000+ keywords for one of my niche sites.
AMAZING! I imported the list into another program I have and sorted
them into related lists to use as categories on my site. I now have
PLENTY of keywords to write articles on for each category including
lots of LSI phrases.

Awesome tool.

Pat Davis

Check the information video here

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Indexed Page Checker

It is common knowledge that to get your pages in SERPS they need to be indexed. But how do you go about finding out which pages are indexed or not?

An indexed page checker lets you know which pages are not indexed so that you can make amends and concentrate on those pages as strategy to promote your website.

There are several seo tools for checking page indexing but below is a nifty little free tool that does the job of checking one individual url at a time.

Indexed pages Tool © SEO Chat™

Enter URL

Enter Captcha To Continue
To prevent spamming, please enter in the numbers and letters in the box below

Report Problem with Tool.

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Blogging is Central to Social Media Marketing

Setting up a blog is a straight forward process with WordPress and it can easily integrate into a main site as a sub-domain in the form

Many companies face the issue of what to blog about but the answer is easily what the company wants to engage with your customers. It can be the primary form of content communication including:

-’hints and tips’
– information about new products and services
-industry news such as – new legislation, new trends
-lessons and ‘how to do’s’
-case studies of successfully completed projects
-company news and press releases

A blog can be at the centre of your social media internet marketing efforts linking other media such as:

Twitter and Facebook can be updated directly from your blog saving you a lot of time and enabling keen followers to come to your site for further details

Emailed newsletters can have links to your blog expanding on topics which again acts to increase traffic.

Bookmarking and RSS feature in your blog increases visibility and link-backs and enables you to easily proactively take advantage for further SEO juice.

YouTube videos can be uploaded to your blog for further visibility in search engines.

Article submissions can be linked back to your blog and other social media forms. A clever practice has been forming a link wheel between the various medias to further fuel your SEO.

The benefit is that the links to it will be included as part of links to your site in Google.

If you regularly add fresh content to your blog the search engines will count it as part of activity to your main site.

Blogs attract natural links if you post regular content. For example product reviews attract comments from customers about experience with your product.

The option of RSS and social bookmarking are standard with most blogging platforms and will allow automatic interaction with site visitors/customers and increasing your presence on the web.

If you do not have time or technical knowhow to set up a blog then enquire about our Blogging and Social Bookmarking Service.

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Use to add crosslinks between your website and other websites and improve your traffic and google ranking. It may be a good idea to search for subjects related your website, and type ‘add link’ as well. For example, a Bed and Breakfast hotel in Devon, United Kingdom could put in a U.K. google search for DEVON ‘ADD LINK’ which is likely to find other websites actively searching for crosslinks.

Outbound link request can be quickly added by clicking on and using the FASTTRACK facility.

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Angela’s Backlinks

I have been using Angela’s Back Links since discovering her in Warrior forum in February.

Her service gives you 30 new high PR (pr6-9) websites comprising mostly of forums every month (no blogs). The list comes complete with instructions on how to register a profile and add your backlinks. This is very useful as getting to register and edit profile can be a time consuming mine field.

Angela’s Backlinks is only $5 a month and works well for building extra traffic to your links. You receive a pdf with 30 urls in your email at the beginning of the month and it is recommended you build backlinks gradually- e.g. use one url a day or two every other day.

The links consist mainly of websites instead of blogs because many blog owners tend to remove links.

My first experience was not good mainly because I decided to promote a brand new site.

However, in March I decided to promote an old site in a highly competitive market with 670k monthly searches and 13.2M competing pages on Google. The result was good moving from position 65 to 35 in two weeks.

If you are a member of the warrior forum (free membership) then the first month with Angela’s Back Links is free as part of the warrior special offers (wso).

It is highly recommended to use roboform in conjunction with Angela’s backlinks as it automates the process of filling in profile pages.

You should also set up a separate (disposable) email folder as you may start getting annoying communication from forum owners.

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Roboform for Fast Commenting and Profile Filling

Roboform is wonderful desktop tool for managing passwords and filling forms. It currently supports just two common browsers through apps for Internet Explorer and Firefox. An online version supports Chrome and Safari.

Additional advantage for internet marketers is that it can handle multiple profiles allowing you to create specific forms for quick blog commenting and filling in profile pages fast.

RoboForm is free to use with a maximum of 10 contacts and limited functions and $29.95 for the Professional version with unlimited contacts.

Make it part of your arsenal by following this link: Roboform.

RoboForm: Learn more...

How to get a New Blog Indexed in 24HRS

A new site can take a long time to draw attention of the search engines and get indexed. One way I have found to get a site indexded in 24 hours is as follows:

1) Go to

2) Enter your domain url into the search and confirm it is not indexed.

3) Go to

4) Copy the resulting search url from step 2 and paste it in the blog url and tick update all ping services.

Hit return and wait 24 hours to try step 2 again.